Freezing bloody cold

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This house. Gah. I know, the heating isn’t set to come on ’til 5 (remembers this, runs out, sticks heating on), so the house is bloody cold when I get home from work. I’m wary of changing it, because basically, if I changed it to come on before I came home every day, and to be on until near when I leave it’d be on all day (which is actually what I did in one house).

So it was bloody freezing when I got home.
The new heater’s been put into service already, this morning it made the bathroom bearable while I got up and now it’s heating this room while the inadequate house heating attempts to pull the temperature up.

Anyway, so I’m in a bit of a foul mood because as I was walking to my car leaving work I saw someone driving off – and as they did so my car lurched backwards. They’d used the ‘drive until you hit someone’ method of parking. Now I’ve nudged cars when parking before but I’ll always stop and check that I’ve not done any damage but this wo/man drove off. I can’t see any in my quick scan – the chromework just having some black paint on it from her car which wiped off (on my finger…); but people looked a bit shocked as I yelled “OI!” and ran. Didn’t catch him/her plate though (I did the shouty runny thing before checking my car).

Anyway, that put me in a ranty mood. And I’ve come home to what I thought; a confirmation that I’ll have to be in the UK for 2 years at least post qualifying if I want to go over and work in the Emergency Dept (which I do) – and for even more negativity ‘we don’t get much work in Canada for ED nurses’ – although apparently there’s more work in BC. But really, for the sake of simplicity I’d prefer Toronto / Ontario – it’d just save a ton of effort on my part (and anything that reduces the complexity of moving continent is good).

I’ve got a response back from UHN as well, but it’s just a “we’ll pass it on” at the moment. Meh. I need some good Canada news now. Having my life on hold for two more years (at least, post qualifying (in 5 months time)) doesn’t seem wildly fun to me, I’ll do it, but I’d rather bypass it somehow.


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