Stupid Stupid Stupid

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So, If I didn’t have enough stress, I should have now; my calendar’s lit up like an Xmas tree as I’ve stuck on the various deadlines. I’ve managed to find my ID card, thankfully, because I need it to get something from the library, which… I’ve already done (it’s a CD-Rom that I need to do for monday) but have now lost the results of.

I also found that one paper I wanted, I’ve actually got already just under a different title from a different journal. My placement, which I presumed started on monday appears to possibly start on Sunday (and I’ve realised I’ve got an appointment that week with the nurse, at lunch time. Ideal; or not).

And, uh, yeah, the heating’s not been fixed. I forgot to post my mum’s letter. And everything I’ve tried to do today has been far more stressful than is reasonable.

Worst thing of all is knowing that all this stress could have been avoided if I’d been more organised and spent less time feeling sorry for myself and depressed. Oh, and I didn’t get to see the councellor while I was flying around like some kind of insane insect; so I’ll have to ring and make an appointment. Hopefully I can get my first set of shifts, and then get an appointment that ties in with that. Which would be good.


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