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Today I’ve been fairly productive, I’ve done Laundry (mmm, clean uniforms for tomorrow), mailed the British Colombia car insurance / registration people (heh, see, I’ve just gleaned something important about insurance in BC, I’m getting there…

It’s hard though, because I forget how utterly different different countries are. And I’ve started to realise that just because the UK does something some way doesn’t mean that any one else is going to have tackled it in even remotely the same way – or more, I’ve started to realise the practicality of it – i.e. I have no idea who to ask what. I just end up directing possibly stupid questions at people and seeing who they direct me to.

Anyway. Yes. I’ve finished the IP essay, I just need to stick it together (I’ll do that after I’ve written this) – it’s distressingly bad but I really don’t know how to make it meet their objectives any better. Having started the day on a musical high, I’ve been 80’s-ing it for most of the day, which has been entertaining.

I’ve also been to the supermarket – spent too much – it’s this bloody healthy eating malarkey, it costs so bloody much because there’s all this fresh food… I spent 10 minutes trying to persuade my indicators to work properly, but I’ve now come to the conclusion I need to try a new bulb. I don’t think the old one’s blown – but I think the connections might be marginal – that’s the only idea I’ve got now – either that or I’ll have to take the fracking thing off – clean the screw holes out and check they earth properly but I couldn’t get anything out of it. And I recall having fun and games with indicators last time I had a duff bulb. They don’t seem to die on the mog, they just ‘stop working’ – looking completely fine, but not lighting up.

Anyway, so yes. Done that. Burned a bunch of images onto DVDs – so I can delete them… when I’ve checked the DVDs’ve burned okay. Of course, one of the vitally important things I’ve burned is Abducted by the Daloids which from my brief and skip-tastic viewing looks like it should be the basis for an entertaining evening…. Dreadful is the word that first springs to mind. If only I could find a copy of the cover to print…


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