Argh! Stop being stupid!

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Why is it that all of the western countries seem to be following each other in a desparate race to flush their civil liberties and culture down the toilet faster than anyone else? Or, as I’m feeling: “how dare Canada elect a Conservative government after I’ve decided I want to move there”. Apologies to all the Canadians out there who didn’t elect a conservative government.


I guess I’m a hopeful sort of left-of-the-centre type, and kind of hoped that despite what I knew about the political situation in Canada at the moment (which isn’t *that* much, but is just about enough to make a vaguely reasoned decision) the Liberal types would trundle out to the polls and stick them back in for another term. But it appears not. I guess I’ll be watching the political situation in Canada more closely now than I have been before anyway, since I still want to move there, but now, with the election of a (minority, granted) conservative government I’ll be watching even more closely… and it’s disappointing.

And yes, before I get beaten over the head, what right have I to comment on another countries political situation when we’ve got Blair in charge here? Well, I didn’t vote for him so…

I am, it must be said, distressed by the western political climate at the moment. I’ve kind of been dragged, kicking and screaming into being a political being. I’m not, by my nature, polticial. I’m kind of a left-wing; but not screamingly so; pro civil liberties type. And slowly it’s dawned on me that the nature of the majority of politics in the UK is rather more right-of-centre than I find myself comfortable with. I’m hardly activism central, but the odd letter to my MP has been fired off, and certainly I vote, and I also seem to be getting involved in local politics too. It’s all a bit far off what I expected of myself, really.

In more positive news, I’ve just had confirmation that at the moment both my car and my motorcycle are exempt from import regulations – and can be registered just as they are; so my mildly modified mog will get into Canada just fine.

And now I am in need of a shower.


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