I’ve been good(ish)

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I’ve been out to the supermarket, so there’s now some level of food in the house; woot. I eat tonight! (And I had yummy salad for lunch, aided by the live lettice Sainsburys have started doing. Yes, it’s way more expensive than an ordinary lettice, but it’s also less likely to go off before I manage to eat it; it’s also much nicer).

And I’ve done some (albeit not much) work. Not really feeling so good today. Really. Generally. Bad. Actually. And then; yes, there’s more, I’ve also spent an hour practicing the guitar. Today I actually made vaguely musical noises that weren’t the first 3 chords of Laid. I can now play a scale all up at the end of the guitar, which is funky, and also means that I can make vaguely musical noises. Which I did do :-) So Ra. My guitar rocks.


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