Home…and back home.

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So, just to confuse people I refer to my mum’s house as home and also Bristol as home. So, I nipped down to my mum’s yesterday, just for a quick visit; did xmasy things, sorted a few things for her. The drive back was manky, so much salt on the roads… Rebecca’s actually go salt on her *roof*.

And I’ve come back, and for some reason Azureus is maxing out my processor (well, Java, I think) periodically. And I mean 100% processor usage full on take no prisoners maxed out. It’s a bit frustrating.

Anyway, I got some nice shiny presents; some makeup (! Still, I’m single now… so I guess I need to get on down to those clubs, or something… ), a couple of books and some biscuits. I’ve also now got an *entire* Xmas cake to eat; so anyone want a slice? I also took down the harder Xmas decorations for her; did some car stuff (the car door had jammed, just needed lubrication), faffy stuff, y’know?

And now I’m home and the house is chaos; I can’t even see my desk (again), I’ve got a good idea where I want to go with my dissertation though, which is good news. I’ve got to tidy up though. And nip out now and get some milk… I think. I wonder if the postpoffice is open, I know it’s a bank holiday but I’ve got a letter to go… Meh.

Annnyway. Yes. I should get on, really.


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