Irrational Attachment Syndrome

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I have this problem.

I think it’s probably related to my problems with the modern world, and also with my memory problems.

I become attached to things. I’m a creature of habit.

I am very annoyed by the idea that they might close “my” pool. I love “my” pool. Just look at it…

Bristol North Baths

…and tell me that the public shouldn’t be allowed to use that place.

Why are councils so intent on destroying that which is beautiful just because it’s old.

That building has a huge section of glass roof; hidden by a modern false ceiling… it’s got the capability to be so utterly beautiful and remain functional, and it’s such a sickening, sickening waste.

In the last week, two of my favourite things about Bristol have gone; Bristol North Baths (well, okay, not gone, it’s got a closure date), and the Green Leaf Bookshop.

By the way, if anyone wants to write to Bristol’s City Council and complain, the address is:

The Corporate Complaints Manager
Bristol City Council
Freepost (SWB535)

My complaint’s in an envelope waiting to go off.

I should continue working on my EU pack, but I just don’t feel like it.

I made this – it’s designed to be printed onto clear acetate and stuck in a car window…. I feel all impotent. I’m so angry and really upset. Overly so.

But I really love swimming, and I really love that pool and they’re taking it away for no good reason.


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