Ignore your voters, go on.

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The closure date’s been set.

Bristol North Pool in all it’s Edwardian splendour will be closing at the end of the month, assuming that Bristol’s neglectful city council get their way.

Some, please, buy it and keep it open. I hate modern pools, they have no personality, no style, and no heart. This place is the heart of Bishopston, it’s the second most fucking popular pool in Bristol, it’s been open since 1922 and they’re going to destroy it.

Pointless facts

– During winter the pool used to be boarded over and used as a Cinema because the council didn’t think people’d want to swim in winter.
– It’s the original home of Bristol Swimming Club; who were founded at the pool. They had 290 members in 1927.
– I learned to swim in the pool, and I love it.
– It’s proper deep, not piddly little just over your head deep.
– Everyone I’ve met there loves the damn place.

I now hate Bristol City Council.

That is all.


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