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20 Random facts (‘cos I got tagged by emilydm)
Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same number of people as minutes it takes
you to write the facts.

1 – I’m wearing my dad’s ring, despite the fact I don’t like wearing gold
2 – I bought my first car when I was 15
3 – I didn’t have a driving licence when I bought my first car
4 – I can’t remember the names of any of my teddy bears
5 – I’ve never bought a laptop, but I’ve had 4
6 – I’ve learned bits of: French, German, Norwegian, Russian
7 – I can’t speak any foreign languages
8 – I’ve got brown hair
9 – I wear contact lenses
10 – I really hate the glasses I’ve got at the moment but can’t afford to replace them
11 – I first started an online journal in august 1999
12 – I first designed a website in 1996
13 – I’ve got a degree in Biochemistry
14 – I got *exactly* the pass mark to get that honours degree, 1% less and I’d’ve had a certificate of wasting 3 years.
15 – I’ve always wanted to have my hair short
16 – No one ever lets me cut my hair that short
17 – I can strip and rebuild most parts of an MZ or a Morris Minor
18 – I was 21 when I came out to my parents
19 – I am struggling to come up with 20 random things
20 – My first bedroom after baby-hood had red roses on one wall which my dad had to quickly replace ‘cos I hated them….

Five minutes, but then they’re not very interesting facts. Here we go anyway: alexa_robinson, c0re_dump, chrisy_m_uk, loopback0, lyric_splat


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