Summer’s comin’

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It’s nearly time for my August holiday (6 entire weeks of ‘relaxation’)

My plans for the summer are subject somewhat to change, depending on variables like – how my dad’s doing, how my car’s coping, when I get my bike back, money…

But, all in all, it’s pretty simple.

– Tax forms (must be done)
– Bike repair (must be done)
– Finish car’s engine upgrade (must be done)
– Work shifts (must be done)
– EU Packs (university work (must be done))
– Spend time with my parents (emotionally need to)
– Give evidence in court (heh, must be done)
– Spend time with Trey (emotionally need to, want to….)
– Take some time off (would be a really good idea)

6 weeks.

Well, the car’s upgrade could be done in a morning. I need to finish off the service too. The bike, that’s, well, more… it can wait. As long as I get the frame welded back together and the engine rebuilt; everything else on it can wait. So can the rear wings for my car :(

So can my video project that I wanted to do over the summer.

All these things can – or more – will have to wait until…. until… until next year. It’s so frustrating. If it was a proper university course with proper university holidays (which is the way they like to portray it) then I could earn some proper money which would really help.

I keep looking and thinking ‘six weeks’ and ‘argh’ – I think it’s what’s been keeping me awake at night – last night I got the lousiest night’s sleep – even waking Trey up (accidentally) at one point as I cursed my body for alternating between too hot / too cold / too stressed.

Which is funny, because I’m like the universes least stressy individual.

Ignoring that; yesterday we went to the cinema to see the excellent Prey for Rock and Roll; which was a fantastic film. Kind of a punk Commitments – way more gritty though, and despite the rape/abuse stereotype perhaps being present, it didn’t seem cliche’d and somehow… well… anyway, go watch it if you want to know. ‘s on DVD.

We’ll be off to see another lesbian film tomorrow too :-)

And in final other news; I’ve managed to nab a copy of the new Kaiser Chiefs album – which is very cool indeed. (I really want the Prey for Rock and Roll soundtrack. mmm. Punk).


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