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I heard about the bombs in London this morning at about 11 o’clock. I was sat faffing, as I often do when I’ve got a day off and should be doing something useful. Actually, as I heard, I was editing video – or at least faffing with video conversion utilities and cursing the fact that although Premier 6.5 enables me to import video from my camera directly, any attempt to play or use it promptly results in a crash – and Nikki had to coax me into going to look at the news on TV.

When I finally plodded downstairs, the whole bigness of the situation didn’t really hit me. They were still only talking about two confirmed explosions, and the question of it being a coincidence and an electrical fault was still being mooted.

I cut the grass.

Lauren appeared. I told her.

I cleaned the kitchen.

I hoovered the lounge.

It, like other potentially huge loss of life has an enormity which is difficult to grasp. They aren’t speculating on the death toll, and wisely so, for panic is impossible to manage and at the moment from the outside at least, London appears to be coping with this situation remarkably. I’m sure those there could paint an entirely different picture.

It’s too early to really see how Britain will respond; but I’m nervous. I hope that we, as a country, respond in a which makes me proud to be British. I hope that we don’t introduce draconian laws to ‘protect’ freedom when in fact the very laws remove it.

But right now, my heart goes out to all those affected; and those who’ve lost loved ones.


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