Stranger things have happened

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1000 words in. Long pause to write notes on the next segment.

This week I’ve got rid of: My dads’ Pentax camera, my Harmonium, the Rev Counter originally bought for a GCSE project, and my pillow.

My pillow?

Yes. I’ve had the same pillow since I was about oooh, 7… and, well, I liked it. I was used to it’s fluffy featherey goodness. The fact it was a bit hideous to look at, and probably way older than me, well, it never really occured to me to change it. When I learned that 10% of a 6 year old pillow can be dust mites/faeces/dead mites I did think “eek, I really should change my pillow”. And I started to look out for a new feather pillow. I like feather pillows, they mould to your head :-)

But then I kind of lost momentum having not found one.

Until a couple of days ago when Trey pointed out that I needed to change my pillow, very enthusiastically, and so my pillow went; replaced by my ‘guest’ poly/hollow fibre-filled pillow. And uh, I slept fine.

So I chucked it away. Along with my platform boots (which I loved, but noticed they’d started to split and since they’re crappy pseudo-suede-plastic)….

And yes, my hayfever has been better the last few days. Not gone, no, but a bit better.

Slowly, slowly I’m clearing my life out.


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