Mmm, pizza and icecream… for breakfast.

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I’m trying to confuse my brain. It’s not really working. Attempts to sleep today were foiled by my body’s insistance that it was:
a: sunny
b: day-time
c: (despite repeated instruction to the contrary) not tired.

Normally, for a night shift, I’ll stay up as late as possible the night before the first shift; which throws my body clock round a bit. But since I’m only going to get to see Trey for less than one flipping hour a day while I’m working nights, well, I kinda wanted to spend last night curled up with my (albeit evil) girlfriend (who tells people that I say cofa. Not intentionally. Meh!).

What’s really a sign that she’s broken me is that I keep trying to call it a Cell Phone. See, with a friend and a girlfriend who are American; and obviously the assistance of ‘merkians on TV – I’ve started to drift. I call it the store instead of the supermarket, I call it a cell-phone, not a mobile. Store is at least shorter. Bloody cell-phone, it takes more effort to say.

I have a feeling I called it ‘mail’ this morning, instead of ‘post’.

I don’t know if it’s just a factor of working in A&E but *more* people seem to be asking me where I’m from than is normal. A higher percentage… iygwim.

Anyway. Yeah. So. I’m drifting. Like a set of multimap directions I’ll soon find myself in the middle of the sea, paddling to get back.


Managed to make it to my parents and back this morning, without incident, and clear the Harmonium off (since it’s sold); grabbed the camera that needs shipping… went to Staples to get packing material; which has eaten up the entire value of the rev-counter I sold… Bah.

Came back, ate lunch and went to bed. I snuggled down there and discovered I wasn’t hugely sleepy (despite actually feeling a bit sleepy *before* I went to bed). Grabbed my laptop (mmm, still needs batteries) – and watched ‘The Doctor Dances’; which was utterly, utterly fantastic. My favourite episode of the series so far.

It was really actually way more impressive having seen the following episode (since that was on ‘telly last night) – which went back to the Slitheen who I liked in a one-episodey kind of way.

Anyway, so I reckon that cadhla has got something to look forward to…

Then I dozed for a bit.

Well, I lay there.

Then I decided that I clearly wasn’t going to sleep.

So I decided to watch Hustle, well, the first 2 episodes, which I got aaages ago, but never got around to watching. and I’m really annoyed that I missed the second series in it’s entirety – so I’ll have to wait for that to come out. Bah.

What I need is more money.

One other problem; making these videos and whatever, my machine is now nearly full. I actually had to do some clearing out of files a few days ago; and there aren’t many on my data drive which I don’t *want*. I really do actually need to sort out a storage server; which is seriously distressing.

I was also painfully tempted by one of these which was on clearance in Staples; but even with the extra 10% off (for joining their ‘loyalty’ scheme) , well, it’s not something I actually need.


Still, Trey seems to keep my sanity chip in order; in sofar as I need occasional prompting to remind me that even when my funds seem temporarily okay – as they do at the moment; shockingly; then that is not the moment to go “oh, woo” and run out and spend money on myself. Or on Trey. Or on anyone.

Although I *do* need to get an exhaust manifold for my car, and get the right carb on there before she eats through her pistons due to running incredibly lean. Anyway, I think I’m going to slather myself in moisturiser and check that my uniform’s close enough to ironed to wear – even at night. I’ve even found my grey jogging zip-up-top which we pretend is a cardigan – so I shouldn’t freeze when my body goes into semi-shutdown at 2am.

And Trey’s not home… I’m leaving in 45 minutes. I won’t see her until the same time tomorrow :(

Still, I guess that’ll make Thursday/Friday fun :-)


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