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So my copy of Premiere 6.5 arrived today, and shiny it is too. Installed and well, whatdyaknow it renders the video first time. Not only that, but tweaking settings on the vid to render it cuter and smaller – that works too!

Lord alive, will wonders never cease.

But it’s slow. (Nearly) Every time I fiddle with anything the little ‘updating playlist’ window pops up and pain and torment is mine to enjoy. I’m actually typing this while waiting for it to update the playlist. Which is a shame, ‘cos it looks like it has the features of Premiere that I liked, but with the huge benefit of actually working.

I just want to tweak this video a bit, putting back some of the stuff I removed attempting to make it render on 5.1c. It is painfully slow though. I think it must want more memory. It’s using 400 Mb, and my machine’s only got 360, so that’s not good. Unfortunately I bought [some] of the stuff for Pride and that was 20 quid today. So, uh, not quite as cheap as intended; so I can’t, definately can’t, justify 25 quid on 512Mb of DDR 400 SDRAM from Scan… :(

One of the things I’m *trying* to do is get the sound-level a bit more uniform thoughout this video. Which is difficult to find enthusiasm for when it just takes….hours….to….adjust….everything….

I’m also beginning to think my harddisk is making ‘odd’ noises. Which is ‘worrying’.

I don’t think it and premiere are friends.

The lipsync also seems a bit off, but I can’t figure out why. It’s all lined up nicely in the editor and it’s correct in the editor. I fear this might just be an effect of using a 5.1c file on 6.5. I’ve yet to test whether it can directly import my AVIs from the camera, which’d save a whole bundle of time and also improve the quality marginally.


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