Some bits arrived.

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The first batch of (bike) bits arrived today. Am trying to locate enthusiasm to take apart brake caliper, clean it, and reassemble it, pending arrival of other parts. Not succeeding. Still, had a fabby ride today; although Claire had a bit of a laugh with jumping out of gear at exactly the moment that the bike decided to run on to reserve (fuel). So there I am, just come off a roundabout, outside lane of a dual carriageway accelerating ‘hard’ and “ker-klunk” out of gear… about to snick back into gear when “cough-cough-cough”… Oh ha ha Claire, ha-bloody-ha :-)

Still, was a nice day, gorgeous weather, got my exam paper for next week’s memory test and am suprisingly tired. Oh, and even treated Claire to Super Unleaded. Get that 97 Octane. Mmmm.

Traffic was terrible, but filtering was fun. Mmm. I really am quite tired. Bleah.


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