And 170 pounds later

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I have a congential inability to spend money on myself. By which I mean, clothes (even underwear!), books, cds, televisions. I can’t buy these things for me easily. This is because I’m broke.

But vehicles? My minor’s just eaten 271 pounds (that I don’t have), and will need a further 50 plus petrol to go get the engine. Oh, and renting an engine crane? Uh hu. Yeah. So there’s that.

The Bike, well, I can’t say as it’s eaten the money, but I’ve spent money on it. See, the brake is sticking on. It’s been sticking on a for a while (I realise now), but it’s really sticking on now. I’ve whipped the caliper off, cleaned the surfaces and cleaned the pads up, copperslipped the edges and put it back together. Unfortunately, though it improved matters a bit it hasn’t fixed it.

Now, it could be the brakehose, which, 4 years ago I took off another bike and declared dangerous, or at least suspicious. But to get the bike back on the road 2 years ago, I whipped the pipe out of my emergency spares box and popped it on. Where it’s sat ever since. Now it could have partially collapsed internally and thus be causing the brake to stick on. Or the seals in the calliper could be iffy. At any rate, I need to strip it and replace the seals, so I’m replacing them and the hose… Oh, and that broken brake lever, that too. Oh, and I may as well get handprotectors… Oh, and mirrors while I’m at it.

Since I’m sorting things, I may as well get the front springs; especially with 3 months of placement riding, with back lanes on the way, so it might be a good idea to get that sorted… Uh, but then I should get the rear shocks/springs sorted too. Uh, okay… so yeah… but then I may as well do the exhaust too, just because mine’s looking so incredibly ropey and probably stealing performance. Uh. So. Um, oh, and a mudguard for 10 quid? That’ll do. Yeah.

Arse. I’ve just spent another 190 quid I don’t have.

Still, hopefully my bike will actually be a hell of a lot more rideable now.

I just need to get some paint and get it matched, clean up the bike, get a welding mask, some wire and gas and oh, a bit of metal. And wooo! Oh ho! A bike that’s not a wreck will be mine. Although it’s started jumping out of third…which is a bit unnerving and frustrating. Garagh.

How I will afford this, I’m unsure. I might just have to live off cheese sandwiches for a few months.

Incidentally: Nuremburg Code (for research) essentially states that: Consent must be obtained, that research must not be completely random, it’s got to be based on previous research, that they have the right to refuse, and that death or serious disabling injury should not be a possibility, unless the researcher was included in the experiment.

This was built on in the Helsinki Declaration in 1964, which said added protection for those of decreased mental capacity and introduced the concept of the Ethics Committee.

But modern research has 13 basic tennets: Respect for the individual, Fair Treatmen, Justice for the participants, it must be necessary, Risk / Benefit ratio must be positive, Must cause participants no pain, Principle of Benificence must be adhered to, Researcher must be suitably qualified, Researcher must be transparent about their sponsor’s role, Consent must be obtained ,Confidentiality must be maintained, Protection of the vunerable (eg Pregnant mothers, those with mental illness, those requiring treatment), Individuals have the right to refuse or withdraw at any time.

So there you go, that’s my revision at the moment. Ethics in research. Can I cry now?


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