It occured to me that I’m prejudice. Not in the racist/classist/educationist sense. I’m really kinda open about that stuff. But about America.

I’ve never been there, all the Americans I’ve met in person I’ve liked, but I still find it really hard to actually be nice about the place. And to admit that something there might be better than here? Gawd no.

So, in the name of personal knowledge I’m gonna try and over come (‘we shall over come’) – you’d think with my girlfriend being half ‘merkian, my good friend Kate – my friend’s Partner being ‘merkian, I’d’ve got over it by now. But no.

I’m better than I used to be. But it’s harder than you’d think to overcome a lifetime of believing that America is the root of all evil. I do, I’ll admit, find it hard becuase I disagree really strongly with a lot of the culture over there – or at least what I *see* of the culture over there (seems very money orientated, environmentally irresponsible, consumerist and access to healthcare for the poor sucks). And obviously because they keep cancelling the shows I like (Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls), fucking with the ones they keep (The L Word does *not* need a straight fucking bloke), and yet manage to produce endless, endless Simpsons Episodes (it was good, now it just makes me want to scream (3 hours. 3 fucking hours. Almost every day. Bloody Sky) ;-)

Anyway, so I’m gonna try to be nicer and more open minded. And now I’m going to go to uni.


Kate's a human mostly built out of spite and overcoming transphobia-racism-and-other-bullshit. Although increasingly right-wing bigots would say otherwise. So she's either a human or a lizard in disguise sent to destroy all of humanity. Either way, it's all good.

One thought on “Pre-judged

  1. It isn’t that America is so evil (or good for that matter) but that it is so big. Big cars, big roads, big waistbands, everything in America is, comparatively, huge. You can count on America to do things in perceived excess. It’s easy then to point to her because she’s the biggest target around.

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