Well at least I don’t feel so guilty

So, I have this terrible guilt about days off. I hate taking time off, even when I’m sick. I always feel like I’m skiving; even when I’m ill enough that stairs seem like some kind of obstacle course and, as I have been, I’m spending all my time asleep.

But I finally went to see the GP today, although I’m actually feeling more okay today. It’s probably a bacterial respiratory tract infection, which is why it’s taking such a long time for my body to fight it. And explains the 37.7 deg temperature I had last night. Apparently if it gets worse, and I get worse temperatures of chest pains or start coughing up anything that’s more interesting than yellow goo, then I’m to go back and have antibiotics, although I think she’d’ve preferred me to have them now.

Unfortunately, sitting up to use the computer for more than a few minutes at a time makes me feel worse. So I’m going to stop, and go back to staring at mindnumbing daytime telly.


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