‘scuse the spelling of the title.

So, the new heatsink arrived today. This is fortunate, because I’m very bored being at home and being ‘ill’. I declare myself ill, because this morning I was running a temperature of 37.4 deg, and feeling really quite unwell. Still a quick dose of paracetamol and I felt more human.

I suspect that a virus may have piggybacked on the cough which has piggybacked on the cold. I’m hoping I feel less unwell tomorrow. Every time I do anything remotely upright or energetic I feel awful. Bah.

Anyway, so the new heatsink arrived… all is good? ‘ray? No. unfortunately, during fitting I noticed that two of the capacitors on my motherboard are unwell. One has sprouted a small splodge of electrolite a’top it’s capacitory head, and the other is bulging in preparation for a similar effect, I fear. So, it appears my expensive motherboard is going to need some repair work; which is really very annoying. Anyway, without the new quiet harddisk I’m leaving the PC off to give Lauren a break (and stealing her laptop for the purpose of web usage).

At any rate, the new silent motherboard (without the incessant wail of the motherboard fan) has in fact drawn my attention to the noisyness of the harddisks. The irony being that when the machine as a whole was noisy, it didn’t really bother me, but now there’s just one part of it being exceptionally noisy (and also getting very very hot) that’s way more annoying. So, the new harddisk is awaited with baited breath, although checking my e-mail this morning allowed me to discover that it’s dispatch has been delayed :(

So, I’m basically killing time, waiting for parts, and waiting to get better. I’m also looking forward to the weekend, when Trey will be back in the country and I can talk to her…


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  1. Kate – check the back issues of The Register – apparently there were some Taiwanese companies copying condensors with the help of an industrial agent (brought some of the formula with him – but not the critical bits) and these are now time expiring….And I thought the heat sinl was for you!

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