‘Twas the night before Christmas

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Well, not quite, but it soon will be… And I’m not at my parents.

Why am I not at my parents? Because I am full of lurgee. The cough I caught off my lil’ nephew last week has now developed into a fully fledged cold; I’m desparately hoping I can shift it before friday, ‘cos I really want to be at my parents for Xmas Eve/Xmas day. I know my body’s not very good at stomping on colds but I’m really hoping it gets off it’s lazy bone idle immune system and kicks this one into touch. Actually, that’s unfair. My body has been doing really well recently. This is the first time it’s kinda lost it.

Anyway. I dunno what I’m doing on here. Mostly can’t sleep. Want to, but can’t. Watched the first ep. of Lost today; got to say it didn’t *Grab* me, but there was enough vague interest at the end for me to decide I’m gonna watch the next one.

I’ve also been debating the massive reinstall/reorganisation of my PCs. But this involves a lot of hastle, and it’s always a bit unnerving pulling my installs to bits; and praying that when the machines come up they’ve got the disks I thought they had where I think they should have them! And that I’ve not nuked anything important. Not quite located the enthusiasm for that job yet though!


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