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Still doing the essay. I’ve taken breaks for food, sleep, to get some food shopping, and Battlestar Galactica. I’m now completely wrecked, I’ve still not finished and I just want to sleep.

I want to sleep so badly, but instead of sleeping I’m probably going to have a whacking great cup of coffee. I’m just waiting for my old Suzanne Vega CD to finish ripping, but it’s stuck on track 15. I’ll probably stick it in the WinPC and see if that does it. Oooh, bizzarely ripping all the other tracks first and then ripping track 15 seems to have cured it. How odd.

Am now worried about moving house. I hate moving house, I knew I’d have to, but I’m going to have a second car in tow, one which I can’t use on the road. Unless we move *before*. I dunno. I’m just tired and cranky and I’ve got 600 words left to write. At least I’m quite pleased with my conclusion (yes, I wrote that just now, ‘cos I worked out what I wanted to write). Anyway, ripping complete so I’m going to go and do some more essaying.

Incidentally, sorry for the downtime yesterday. This is because I’m a moron and I renewed the wrong domain name.


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