Modern Components….

…well, they’re rubbish.

I just got covered in crappy oily shite changing a distributor cap, then changing the bloody thing back. Why? Because the new one, from a minor specialist doesn’t *actually* fit. Or at least it fits, but the plug lead holes are the wrong shape, so the HT leads won’t actually stay in the flipping thing.

Having spent about 5 minutes trying to work out why they didn’t fit I realised that the holes were virtually V shaped; so I’ll have to take it back. How crap is that?


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4 thoughts on “Modern Components….

  1. That does indeed suck. I ended up getting new HT leads at the last service, so I couldn’t tell you if they would ordinarily fit…

  2. Got a replacement today; it appears that the new batch are subtly different to the old one; and thus don’t work. The new one they’ve given me (from the old batch) fits nicely. Hasn’t cured the occasional stutter; I guess I should probably clean and gap my spark plugs….

  3. Um, no, I’ve not checked that yet! :-)

    It’s an occasional misfire, but only under heavy load….I guess I probably should check, especially given that I’ve got a new one in my box o’ magic.

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