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We have many boxes.

Our shipping company brought around the many boxes so that we could work out if we can cram both Rebecca and all our stuff into the shipping container. If we can fit everything we want to take, and the furniture, into the space currently occupied (essentially) by our dining area, then it’ll all go in one container.

If not, then we’ll be getting a container twice the size, which will have sufficient spare space in it that we could probably pack a second car in there. If we had a second car worth taking.

(We don’t, not for the amount of hassle it’d be).

However, what we still don’t have is a contract. We now have confirmation that the buyers solicitor has actually started the searches. It’s only taken them a month.

…and they’ve actually started returning phone calls, which is progress.

I, myself, am swinging wildly between fear about my upcoming exam (monday), and sadness at leaving Bristol (which I love), and excitement about a new adventure in the States.

Oh, and angsting about the money spent on Rebecca (lots), the money I’m not earning because I’m studying (-lots), and worrying about Rebecca being finished in time to take across. We’re looking at this coming Wednesday, hopefully, for ready-date. Which should be plenty of time. But I’d like her to have at least a bit of a ‘shake down’ before we pop her into that container.

Anyhow, it’s all waiting on that contract, we’re poised for full-steam ahead, but not quite able to hit the go button.


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