A pig has shat in my head.

So, I feel crap. I felt crap when I went to bed last night (with a lousy headache), and this morning I woke up to discover that I’d failed to set the alarm clock to alarm (I’d set the time but not switched the alarm on). And now I feel like a pig has shat in my head. I’m fuzzy and headachey and gneereally feeling crap. Not really really headachey, definately a headache though, more that I just feel tired and grotty.

Which is annoying.

However, I’ve been working a fair bit. Stuggled yesterday; was reading about cancer etc, and ‘dying trajectories’, and it was making me struggle a bit, but the lecture was okay in the end. Didn’t get much extra work done, but still, not so bad…..

Am edging closer to ending up with a SII minor, which is bad. Although I can think of people who might want it once it’s made roadworthy. I dunno, we’ll see…

Mostly I’m just feeling a bit tired and grotty… and starting work on selling off / disposing of crap. The Underwood No. 5 is the first to be auctioned, sadly.



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6 thoughts on “A pig has shat in my head.

  1. Series II.

    Much earlier, it might actually be a Series MM (depending, it’s right at the point of transition from one model to the next). This one dates from 1953….

  2. No, it’s stayed pretty constant all day. Decided I’m not going to do my exercises (again) ‘cos I feel woozy when I stand up quickly, and then my head throbs…. Bah.

    Most displeased with my head at the moment….

  3. Yes but do you actually NEED a SII minor?
    There’s a book around entitled something like ‘how to de-clutter your life’….

  4. Now Ray, ‘Need’ is a very interesting term.

    If we look at it’s individual components, well, first there’s N. Now N on it’s own means nothing, as does both e, and Ne. Ne is clearly a meaningless term, as I think you’ll find is both d, and Nee.

    Therefore we can presume that the entire statement is meaningless.


    And so we won’t be answering that question.

    Incidentally, is that de-cluttering your life book somewhere around under some morris minor parts ;-)

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