26th Sept 2000, 0900

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I guess that answers that then. Can I do webdesign – no. Why? Well, I can’t have been that far out the door before the company I went to see sent of their “no, please fuck off and never come back” letter.

It wouldn’t have hurt so much except for the fact that aledgedly they’re interviewing for 2 more weeks. In which case I did so very, very badly that it wasn’t even worth waiting to compare me to someone else.

This obviously arrived at the perfect moment, with my mood being slightly in flux…and also all my post recenty has been name related which has I’ve enjoyed getting. The final thing which made it “unexpected” is that – well, he said interviews for two more weeks….so seeing a letter from Bath, well, I knew what it was even before I opened it.

And I knew I’d not been good enough to be an instant, “yes please”. But….I’ve not done this badly at interviews, not for a long time. So. What do I do now, now it appears that I’m beyond useless for one of my chosen careers.

Right now, I think I curl up for a bit, I feel useless and shit…



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