11 Jul 2000, 17:39.20.

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My goodness, I’m writing this at a sensible time!

Well, after a gentle hint from Nikki yesterday *g* I’ve decided to update this with what happened at the weekend!

Well, what happened is that I went to my first TGY meet….

On friday I flew home early, showered, changed, and flew into Reading to pick up Kelly and Lisa. Having located the early arriving Lisa (I was early anyway) we sat in the car, chatted a bit, I painted my nails and then grabbed Kelly, who was squeezed into the back of the car…..along with her stuff – and some of Lisa’s (being as the boot was full of BBC Master (which in the end didn’t get used, which it turns out was probably for the best as the spacebar’s apparently stopped working since it went into storage!).

Despite Lisa’s appauling directions *g* (“it didn’t say 16 on the junction”) we got there fairly much on time, or at least at the expected time…..where we were welcomed by Kira, and the many who had already arrived (I think that’s Kate K, Andee, Beth, Ryoko & Rachel (Nikki and Jenny arrived a little later)).

Anyway, so we sat around, chatted, generally relaxed (or at least I did, dunno if Kira was relaxed with a bunch of nutters in her house ;-)

Now, as my memory is reknown for it’s poorness, I can’t remember the exact order that things happened, but I do know that over that weekend there was a jam session (for the talented) – during which I took photo’s – which will hppefully be appearing tomorrow – but not for general public consumption! Also I *cough*gotmyearspeirced. You see, we went shopping and there was this evil bunch of transexuals who forced me to get my ears pierced. Or something like that….

Actually I’ve wanted them done for a while, but been too afraid to do it. And I decided to stuff everyone else – I wanted them pierced – so when several others there got it done I joined them. I however was the only one to attempt to keel over! It wasn’t the pain which made it only to “ouch” – it was the thinking about it afterwards bit (I also blame the fact that the shop was very hot), so, yes, I kinda stood, then sat, then stood (thinking I felt better), then sat again….and repeated this – but actually once I got outside (fresh air ‘n all) I was fine.

Yup so I’ve now got pierced ears – which I’ve managed to bash and catch things on (ouch)…..

We also watched “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” which is cool (thanks Ryoko for bringing that :-)

Anyway, I was rather sad to leave (wish it’d been a bank holiday….), but hell – I had a great time :)

Then came monday – back to work, with pierced ears…..I was a little nervous – but for no good reason as far as I can tell……No one commented on them, not one person! I was soooooo dissapointed…..I was actually kinda hoping that someone would say something. The Bursor gave me the greatest look of “ohmygodwhendidtheyappear” – but didn’t actually say anything. And they didn’t say anything to day either….

However two good things happened on Monday…..I managed to get Nikki’s Birthday present – which I was really stressing that they wouldn’t have, but luckily Newbury MVC appears to have an anime geek in it. I know this, becuase he was the person I chose to pay for the present – and he tried to get me involved in a conversation about Anime, which would be great; I love shop assistants who are really interested in what they sell, and so on, however my knowledge of Anime is amazingly limited…..

Anyway, so that was cool. And the other cool thing was that I got “love’d” again. Some random bloke in Tesco’s called me “love”. How cool is that – it made my day!

And Nikki seems to like her birthday prezzie (despite the fact it’s not her birthday yet….. ;-)

So, all in all pretty good atm!




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