17 Jun 2000, 09:55.07.

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Wow, morning! *g*

Major up….major down….dealing with them in order. I hadn’t been coping with work this week (as I said), and Nikki suggested that I “take friday off” and go shopping with her and Kelly (evil person that she is). And I was feeling absolutely lousy, and the more I thought about it the happier it made me!

So….come the morning I knew that I had to go with Nikki, there was no way I’d manage a full day’s work….so I did. This possibly wasn’t the best plan as it involved ringing in sick, which, it must be said this is the first time I’ve abused that. But tbh I was sick in a way. Sick in the sense that having me breakdown at work, or at least appear at work having cried all the way in would not look good. So, having rationalised that, I popped on my purple shiney nail polish, got dressed, and met Nikki. This time reaching her house by the non-senic route. *g*

And we headed off into London using the dreaded Train….which actually was fine yesterday (a first for public transport!). Yes, so….anyway, we went in & pausing briefly to eat junkfood (Yay!) met up with Kelly, who, it must be said – looked so much happier – with a big grin on her face….

After some geeking (Forbidden Planet) – we trundeled down Oxford Street, and Carnaby Street….

Shopping – good for the soul!

Yes, we shopped….well, they more shopped than me, because I’ve got to get some sunglasses and my car to pay for….and so on….so I was planning to maybe get a long skirt, or somesuch, but nooooo. Oh noooo. The Evil One, sorry – I mean, Nikki took us to a shop (in which I’m convinced she has a part share, or is a member of the profit sharing scheme)……

Y’see when I went to see her last I tried on this fantastic dress – chinese, gorgeous, mmmmm….and this is the shop she got it from. And, erm, I got one. Yes. So. Moving on….Kelly was also ensnared by the dresses and got one for herself, and a leather jacket. The dress costing -£50, unlike mine which was +£50…..

How come? Because she is good at bartering and turned the £200 total into £150! I dunno…some people. So, anyway. from now on Kelly’s going to have to buy all my stuff for me ;)

Yes, so we limped around Tower Records; The Evil One repeating her trick – and sending me out with a CD I’ve been after for ages (the soundtrack to “Different For Girls”) but had actually started to believe was unavailable (it doesn’t list it at the end of the film and absoloutley no-one had it in their database…however it does exist (Oceandeep Records, OCD010). And now I have it, and can play bits of it very loud!

Anyway, yes, we trundled/limped/staggered back to Kelly’s (I’m not used to exercise you see – and by the end of the day my foot was killing me!). Tried on the day’s purchases and “modelled” them to the sound of the camera’s click! So, we wait with baited breath for the photos :).

Eventually, as darkness fell, we headed back (stopping for more junkfood!) and eventually got back home – where I sadly had to leave Nikki (to her parents)….

And headed home. Feeling more and more miserable on the way.

And now, Im miserable, although whenever I talk to people I perk up….which is good – since Rachie’s just come on IRC :) as has Kate K and Sarah Lou…..Yay….I’m off to talk to them.

And moan at my computer supplier – if they ever answer they’re damn phone!



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