16 Mar 2000, 21:14.27.

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Well. Hmmm. This is a challenging entry….I thought about not writing this one, purely because the I know that the person involved in a lot of this reads this, but well, it’s what’s in my brain, and I’m not lying to my avid 10k readership…..(actually, the number of hits seems to have gone down since I actually added my site to some search engines as opposed to not telling many people of its existance whereupon it got thousands of hits…).

Anyway. Avid readers will know that I was intending to move out. I still am…and having seen a really nice house I thought I had it made….Well, actually I didn’t. I hoped I did, but in all honesty I knew what was coming and I’ve known deep down for a while…. That doesn’t make me any happier, but it does mean that when it came I wasn’t 100% shocked.

Anyway, I went with my (at the time) housemate to be, and saw this house, with which the only fault I could find was that parking was difficult, but not impossible…. However, my housemate to be, despite not being able to name a single fault didn’t make a decision. So, at that point I’d almost resigned myself to it. He didn’t want to move. I’m not sure at what point in the past he decided he wasn’t going to move, but I wasn’t going to push – becuase if he felt it wouldn’t help him there wasn’t any point.

To explain. The rationalle behind me moving to Reading had three parts:

  1. Helped housemate to be because he was not happy with rent
  2. Helped me because I want to get on the path to SRS, and I can’t while I’m at home
  3. Reading’s not a bad place to live, esp since I’d actually like to make some freinds, and I’d also have enjoyed the company of the housemate to be

However my housemate to be’s reasons seem to have been rather more vague. Indeed he doesn’t know what they were. So….after feeling screwed, depressed, and thoroughly p*ssed off I trundled off to chat with some like minded people on IRC – because I (sad though this makes me sound) have no local friends and staring at the four walls on my own was somewhat depressing. (Note: I do have friends but they all live miles, and miles, and miles away).

So….there I was, and then a possible saviour appeared. Someone else, who needs to move, and wants to live in Reading….so, hopefully at some point in the not too distant future I’ll be off to see her. So, I’m not feeling totally depressed.

And interestingly, the ‘mones seem to have stabalised my mood somewhat, if at the expense of making certain parts of me suddenly become very sensative, and/or itchy….


And there’s a possibility that my S.O. may have a job….

Perhaps thing’s ‘ll be okay after all…




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