Maybe if I sneak up on it, it’ll still be for sale.

I spent the morning exploring a potential house; well, more strugling to make my way through the brambles and half-arsed fencing to see what sort of state the house is in. I found it entirely by accident, while looking at something else (which it turns out has had planning permission for conversion into two dinky little properties) – and although there doesn’t actually seem to have been any progress on that, I suspect that (having looked at planning permission proposals) they’re a bit picky about what it’s used for.

But while I was out there, I found a little (big, actually) house which appears to be abandoned. Indeed, it looks ripe for, well, being mine. However, it gets confusing after that – it appears that the ‘extension’ is infact an entire separate building, potentially owned by someone else entirely. It’s a bit difficult to tell; the land-register map (which I saw a less informative version of while I was discovering about that planning permission I mentioned); well; that indicated it was all one property. But the land register website has it split into two.

At any rate, neither bit is being lived in. Not unless it’s being lived in by someone who likes crawling through brambles and has no furniture / likes all their furniture piled in a rotting heap.

It would need *lots* of work, I suspect. I’m certainly thinking – new flat roof, potentially work on the tiled roof, some damp, some drainage stuff. It’ll never be worth a fortune because it’s location sucks. But it could be worth as much as I put in, possibly a bit more, if the owner wants to sell.

I would like the owner to sell, but I can’t find out any more details until…  Oooh, just tried the business registed as being in the ‘extension’ – their number doesn’t work. Woo. I’m feeling a bit frustrated because the land registry isn’t ‘open’ today. Their website only does land registry details monday to saturday 7am-midnight. How bizzare and broken is that? I can’t make sense of that – if it was ‘business’ hours, well, then it’d be simple. It’s someone sat at a terminal physically dealing with incoming requests – fair enough ‘cos it’s probably still got a lot of paper based stuff.

But… 7 – 12mn? That’s completely bizzare.

Anyway, when I get home tomorrow I’ll have to have a looksie.

It’s still frustrating though. Especially because I expect it’s outside my pricerange, but I don’t *know* until I ask. Looking at properties around the area – they’re cheap. They’re not affordable to me anyway cheap, but they’re nearly there. And properties for renovation away from the main road fall into my pricerange…. just.

But yes. I want to do stuff, and it’s the weekend, and gaaargh. And I’m working all next week. Gaaack.

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