Does anyone else feel about 7?

So, I’m thinking after my WBLD tomorrow I could stop in at a few estate agents, see what’s going around a couple of the areas I’m considering. But I find it all a bit scary. I will, I should think, assuming I remember to actually think about it tomorrow; but I find myself feeling about 7 years old.

How can I possibly be looking at houses? How can I be involved in something so adult. I find it terribly alien and bizzare; and frankly terrifying. I don’t really feel like an adult; and yet here I am… I keep expecting someone to notice and say “no, Kate, now these are adult things, go back to playing with your Barbie”.

Is it just me…?

In other news I listened to the first of the CDs from Rachel today, and it was really, phenominally good. It actually had me dancing *after* my shift on the way back to the car – and distracted me so much I actually walked to where I normally park, not where the car *actually* was. I’ve forgotten the name of it (typical) but I shall share with you all :-)

Oh, and I’ve started to get quite a taste for Reeses Peanutbutter Cups. I was getting some odd looks at work today though; I think my reputation as the ‘odd lunch girl’ is starting to spread again.

Anime news: Up to Ep 14 of Noir now.
Other news: Bought a new (high capacity) battery for my iPaq; the idea of actually being able to take it places appealed. Have my eye on a PCMCIA sleeve with a new battery in it; if I get that, and a big CF card, and a PCMCIA -> CF adaptor then I’ll be laughing – I’ll finally be able to finish installing my GPS software, and I can *also* install the Europe stuff, so as I can actually tour Europe dans le mog. Which I quite fancy. If I’m going to be stuck in Britain for 2 years I’m going to enjoy it :-) But *also* it means that I can stick *music* on my iPaq. Music. Joy of Joys. I’ll have a decent MP3 player :-)

You may all go ‘woot’ now.

Incidentally, my high quality hosting – provided by Zest Host has been down… again. My apologies.

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