Kate’s Whinge of the day

So. Been doing essay on and off all evening.

1,542 words. Of 4,000. Nearly half way.

It’s a hard one this one. Mostly because I know what I found interesting about the research, and to be honest, it’s not quite as relevant to the question as I’d like. I’d really like to write about why diabetic patients have poor outcomes, but it’s not really the question.

Ah well.

Still, saves me overpapering the thing I guess.

Anyway, whinge: Why is it whenever I check the milk I buy in the supermarket it’s a perfectly sealed container. I have never, not once, not ever, found an open one in the supermarket. The only occasions I get leaky containers of milk are the times I forget to check. Mysteriously, then, I’ll select the leaky one, and stick it in the top of my shopping where it can leak all over anything, or like today, I’ll leave it lying on the seat. Thank god for vinyl upholstry. Now there’s a phrase I never thought I’d say.

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