Music, TV and that K700 advert.

In case you didn’t know, the music behind the K700i mirror ad is “Death In Vegas – Hands Around My Throat”. This is the second Death in Vegas song I’ve heard off an ad. I’m beginning to think it might be time to invest in a Death in Vegas CD. Any recommendations anyone?

In other news, TV is evil. I now want: Joan of Arcadia, Battlestar Gallactica, Dead like me (because my DVDs never did arrive) and The L Word on DVD. Nyargh! I want!

I never used to really watch TV and now there’s 3 series which I watch, (including Long Way Round, which I’d forgotten about) that I want to *have* for me so I can watch them. Oh, and a decent tv. I wonder if I’ll win that Sky competition for a telly. That’d be nice. I’d have to sell it, but at least I could buy a decent lower-end one….. although that might encourage me to watch more films and TV. Hrm.

My list of CDs that I wish to own grows ever larger; and my need for more storage space so that I never actually have to piss about with real CDs…… God I’m lazy :)

I wonder if I can make the other laptop I’ve got ‘go’. That’d save a lot of effort on the music player front! God I’m lazy. Anyway I should get back to my study of diabetes…..

Oh…and I’d forgotten, I want the Invader Zim DVDs too…..So much for my not-involved-in-consumer-society thoughts!

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