I’m so tired

I don’t know what to do,
I’m so tired….

I should have gone to bed at a sensible time last night rather than staying up to chat to friends and redo a smaller version of one of the videos. I’ve not got 2-pass Xvid encoding working yet, but 1-pass XVid is definately working now.

Hence the 30Mb new video, not the 70 Mb new video.

However, I’m still painfully tired. Of course, getting up early to do rowing won’t have helped with that. I’d really like to go back to bed, but I need to do some work (toherwise I’ll feel bad). Of course the dismal grey day and drizzley rain, that’s not helping.

So tired…

Probably going to buy a D.A.B. tuner today so I can listen to the wonderful, wonderful, oojamaflip. Hitchhiker. Yeah.


And now I shall go and work. Or try to. Yeah. Want to sleep though. Would much prefer to sleep.

Author: KateE

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