A few small things

So, today has been another day of tidying and cleaning. We’re not bad at cleaning per-se, just disorganised about it. Having done the kitchen and lounge fairly thoroughly last week, we tackled the bedroom and bathroom today. It was mainly just failure to tidy away clothes when they’re clean (which is, to be honest, a mixture of both of us not being great about it (they get folded and taken upstairs… and then it falls apart; but also it’s too many clothes / not enough space). We had a fair old cull of clothing, I’ve got a whole bunch of ‘work’ clothes sitting in the ‘work clothing laundry pile’ which I need to cull fairly spectacularly, too. I hate throwing clothing away until it’s completely knackered, but the new policy of making rags from old clothing makes me feel less bad about retiring stuff with holes in.

Anyhow, whilst Kathryn set about the bedroom with the tools-of-cleansing, I set about the bathroom. The bathroom has a number of problems, the walls are unfinished, the bath is sat on an open wooden frame (because they took the panel off when they replumbed and we did not replace it in readyness for me to be much quicker than I was), it’s used for storage of the paint and roller frames which would be being used to decorate the walls downstairs, were I decorating the walls downstairs…

…and worst of all, it’s floored with unfinished 1936 pine floorboards. Some of which aren’t entirely screwed down. We’re pretty good about cleaning the bathroom, generally. We clean the bath, toilet and sink with a pretty good frequency. It helps that it’s so small, so 20 minutes and you can have the three major components shiny and glinting. It’s the floor though. The floor had sat, and sat, and sat. I’d mopped it a while ago, but I try and avoid mopping it too much…because it’s bare wood. But today we declared enough was enough, and I slung the paint cans and cleaning bottles out (having cleaned them), gave the floor a good clean, and…err, put them back. While I was in there a thought occured to me. It would have been preferable in many ways to leave our toilet like this:

Toilet before
(or indeed, like this)

But for the fact that no matter how much effort we expended on it, the plastic toilet seat had absorbed something unpleasant, and although you could get the surfaces you could see quite clean, the one underneath was positively revolting. Well, I found it revolting. It bothered me. Then, as I was cleaning today I realised that actually, it was also working loose.

I contemplated just tightening up the rusty wing-nuts that held it on, and attempting (yet again) to get the green crud from the hinges. Then I thought, sod it. We’ve got a new toilet seat, a nice bamboo one, which has sat under the bath waiting for the rest of the bathroom to be finished. Today, I decided that today was the day to change it over. And lo:

Toilet after

Much better, that’s what I say.

And in other news, I have been hunting for Eliminate Archie Cookson for a year. Either to see at the cinema, or on DVD or on…I dunno, Super 8mm film. That’d’ve done. But no. No, no sodding release. I mailed the company and asked them, I tweeted at them and said DVD? Nothing. Nada. Not even sod off. But I loved the trailer, I really did.

So I kept hunting.

And then I discovered today that it is available on DVD.

Bear on mind, this is a film shot in Bristol. I think it’s an entirely British production. So… where is my DVD coming from? New Zealand. New..sodding…Zealand. It’s not even in stock in the store I’ve ordered from, so I’m waiting for it to wing its way *to* NZ so it can then be sent to me.

P’raps Agent Pictures need to rethink their release schedule a little. Most films I’d’ve got bored of by now, it’s just that this is so local and looks such fun… Of course, it may be awful, and that would suck. But I’ve got a while to wait to find out. :)

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