To upgrade or not to upgrade

So I’m meant to be working, but I’ve just reencountered this irritating bug with my favourite piece of software / my webbrowser. Just as I was e-mailing the support people for both applications I realised I should probably check for upgrades. Now, I’ve kept WebsterXL up to date, but Ov Pro appears to be marginally out of date.

Now…. do I upgrade and see if it cures the bug? Or do I wait until I’ve finished working…… I think we know the answer to that one!

Author: KateE

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2 thoughts on “To upgrade or not to upgrade”

  1. Hi Kate, as a change from the Moggie board (!), the changes to Ovation Pro are quite minor. What version do you run?

  2. Just upgraded to the 2.74 version. Turned out it was me being a moron, not a bug…. Problem’s now fixed

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