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What makes you feel…

Spending time with someone I care about. Good music. Both of these have the ability to raise my spirits.

Thinking about my dad, and his illness.
New creative input. A new song, film, book, comic, picture – anything can get me terribly excited. I’m also a car/bike geek enough that, given the right stimulous I can get excited about bits arriving (Oooh! A new distributor…). And with the current situation, progress on my house makes me excited.
Pretty much nothing makes me furious. I can be quite annoyed by things, but very little actually makes me shouting and kicking things angry. Usually, if anything does it’s myself – usually when I’m trying to do something practical, make a bit of a mess of it, get annoyed at myself, make things worse and then end up shouting/swearing at [the object] when really I’m shouting/swearing at myself. I am best avoided during these moments. As I get older they get less common, although I can still reach the stage of hopping around and kicking mechanical objects.

I very rarely get upset at people. And when I do, I tend to go quiet.


The destruction of civil liberties, and our willing loss of them. The destruction and privatisation of the NHS by various governments. The inequalities that exist in this world because of sex/gender/race/colour/sexuality.
Spending time with Kathryn; my family; my friends. All of them make me feel loved :-)

Interviews. Interviews terrify me. Sometimes the news is terrifying. I look at the world and I think what the *hell* are we doing?!

I don’t really know. Sometimes something just sparks inside me and I know I care – and have to do something. And I can be passionate about politics, people, or the sudden need to cook something insanely complex.

Ah, no. Interviews make me nervous. Nervous *and* terrified.

Reading and films – they’re the two most common ways to make me thoughtful; and obviously discussions with friends; most of my friends have political and religious viewpoints, and we don’t adhere to avoiding discussing religion and politics.

When someone says something thoughtless.

Curling up with someone I love and relaxing.
Looking at my life. For all the bad and hard, I’m lucky. I’ve got a job, a roof over my head, a partner, and friends. What more do I need? (Oh, uh, let’s skip over the 2 cars / 2 motorcycles, then we get into ‘insanely lucky).
Buying non-fair trade, non-organic foods. From lidl. Damnit.

I’m always calm, like an ocean of calmness in the middle of the sea of relaxed. Heh. A space on top of a mountain, looking out at the view. A swim in an Edwardian pool. Eating dinner with my friends and relaxing.

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