Not quite how I envisaged today

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I had a whole bunch of over-exuberant plans about how much I’d get done today. I mean, they really assumed I’d be in the mood for fun and frolics, and that the weather would be good. It wasn’t…bad per-se. It wasn’t hacking down with rain – that’s apparently going to be next week.

But what it was, was foggy. And grey.

And that combined with a not super thrilled mood – just feeling vaguely down meant that the progress this morning was incredibly slow. I got stuff done – I’m switched over to my new phone (which gets security updates…). Because I only do that once every 6 or so years I forget how long it takes. Thankfully I did remember yesterday to start it copying off photos – because that took more than 6 hours. I actually finished it this morning because it failed to copy some videos.

I also got Logitech Media Server running again. For some reason it had tried to run an update on its docker and that had resulted in it failing. I ended up trading for a different docker of LMS, and it seems to be working fine now.

I also trimmed down one of the rails for the attic door, and realised that my original fitting plan isn’t going to work. I’ll need to come up with another plan… which probably involves me buying a bit of wood. It’s obvious now I think about it, but it’s designed for going inside a doorframe, not inside an attic… Kinda irritating but not the end of the world by anymeans.

I also finally got around to calling the maker of our cooker – which has had one ring failing for quite a while, and now a second ring has gone down in power, and last time we made Pizza we noticed it no longer gets Pizza-hot. Oh, and one of the knobs disintegrated…

…it is, obviously, not in warranty being as it’s all of 3 years old. I informed them very politely that it was inadequate, disappointing, and that I will tell everyone I know to avoid Bertazzoni stoves, because they’re lousy quality and don’t stand behind their product. So I will.

I also russled up a pre-cooked lunch for Friday and Saturday, which I’ve been meaning to do more consistently. I baked some eggs a while back, and froze them, so that plus a chunk of sausage and some rice and fruit should do me. The idea being I shouldn’t eat out so much… which is always a bit tricksy.

I also chased up some deets about our Solar install – it looks like we’re good to go ahead and so I called them and lined that up. So that’s good. It sounds like a reasonable amount, but I had hoped to do some other things…

… and yeah, it’s my day off. There’s no requirement for me to do anything. I just had plans, and my mood got in the way :-/


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