It finally happened.

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So, if you’re wondering about the radio silence… it’s because I finally brought COVID home. Ironically not from the hospital. The repeated exposures there didn’t get me.

No, it was a perfect storm of misfortune. We went to Fully Charged Live down in San Diego – and while we were there we went for a dinner. We thought it was going to be outdoors, but it wasn’t. It was in a small back room, and just by sheer shittyness of timing, it was the same night as a game in the stadium. That meant that I dropped the rest of the team off – and they went in ahead of me. Had we all been together, it’s likely our collective panic would have driven us out of the place.

But instead, they sat down while I drove off to park the car, finally making it back about 20 minutes later. By which time, when I walked in, I felt like they’d been exposed and I was feeling social-obligation.

I tried to keep the mask on and eat safely – and maybe we caught it somewhere else, but the timeline of everyone’s illness points to a single point of exposure. And that’s the only true single point of exposure.

It’s been miserable, and I’m so very frustrated that I brought it home and got Kathryn sick. 2 weeks in and I still have a lot of snot, frankly, and an irritating cough. I get fatigued quicker than I should. Kathryn’s about a week behind… so that has spectacularly sucked. Thankfully the vaccines did their stuff, and neither of us have been dreadfully ill. But at nearly a year since my last vaccine my body’s had to do a lot of heavy lifting to get me better.

I went back to work on day 11, because, well – frankly – it was that or engage with the fucking atrocious US healthcare system to try and get some more time off. Today was my second day back at TE – and I can’t say as it went super smoothly. But stuff was filmed, and offloaded, and lo I shall have a ball editing next week.

In chicken news Thelma and Louise seem to have integrated pretty well. I mean, there’s definitely still Astrid and Pippi — and Thelma and Louise — but there’s not a bunch of fighting. Thelma and Louise are way more tractable, which is handy, although they do try and get underfoot. And Astrid is no longer broody – but is now molting. As is at least one of Thelma or Louise. The place looks like there’s been a chicken murder. It’ll be intriguing to see if there’s any big changes, because last time there were some pretty noticable shifts before and after in their feather patterns.

In other, other news, I need to get the shower finished still. Kathryn cleaned off the tiles, so I need to do the last bits of sealing around the shower pipework, tighten up the plumbing on the radiator, and then grout over the top of the shower pipework seal. Then it’s just sealing the tiles and the grout and trim. Endless trim.

But doing that and the attic doors means the permit can be signed off, so I’m gonna try and do a bit of that tomorrow. Unfortunately, just to drive us completely over the edge, the fan in the main bathroom has now died. I can’t believe that 3 years is as long as it’s lasted, and I kinda want to fix it – but I also kinda just want to get a replacement and throw the fucker in. I mean, seriously. 3 years.


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