Who’s got two thumbs and (more or less) fixed her double sided record deck?

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The B-side record scanning is still… unreliable. It sometimes seem to add its own vibrato to records just for shits and giggles*, but it’s playing records again – which it wasn’t capable of at all when it arrived.

I’m not really sure how it’d been so abused, I mean, I get how the belt turned to goop, but how it ended up with a broken stylus on one of the heads (I mean, it’s inside a box!), how it ended up with the draw position sensor bent out of all recognition (that might have been me disassembling, but I don’t… think so).

And now, just as if I time travelled back to medieval times (assuming I could avoid being burned as a witch straight away), then, if I arrived in the 80s, or early 90s, I’d look bloody flash.


I mean, the CD player was nearly a grand new (I got it for under a ton). And these dual sided record decks were produced at the very end of the first life of record decks as a common hifi appliance. They were trying to compete with the first run of CD players, and yeah, were surprisingly good…

I mean, they’re no high end thing, but the sound output is reasonable, and it’s great for when I’m doing the dishes or whathaveyou. It pleases me greatly that the only thing that was bought functional in that pile was the amplifier. Everything else has been repaired by me or my lovely friend John.

Anyhow, this post was really useful in getting it going, although mine interestingly has the STY-144/STY-145 stylus, not the 133 or the 147 suggested elsewhere.

In other news, I have had a bit of a day – with 3 hours spent at Les Schwab for them to do a tyre swap (I have never missed Bristol’s little indie tyre place I used to use quite so much). It kinda blew the rest of my day’s plans out of the water.

But hey, I finally got that bit of adulting done. And I’ve ordered the belt I just discovered I should get.

* Apparently the belt might be the wrong size, the replacement commonly sold for it is apparently 20″ instead of 21.4″, and puts too much drag on the platter. So I get to take it apart again! And check the speed again!


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