(in)adequately laid plans

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So we planned, today, to finally overcome inertia. To start the final push on getting the bathroom done. We planned to put down the microcement coating – today on the floor, tomorrow on the walls.

That was the theory.

Unfortunately, we weren’t suuuper quick off the mark this morning, then we had to revise the process for laying it – being as its been over 2 years since we last tried to do this. Then we realised that there were some things we needed from home depot (namely masking tape). And since we were going to home depot – we should pick up some other tools that might increase our chance of success (round ended finishing trowel*, for example).

Then there was clearing the stuff out of the bathroom – the tile saw, the radiator that’s been sat in there forever, the this, the that. Not that we’ve been using it to store stuff, I wouldn’t want you to think that.

Then there was masking off so we don’t destroy the plaster or the wardrobe just outside the bathroom in the process (something we’ll need to do more of when we get to the actual bathroom walls. Oh gods, the walls).

Anyway, by the time cleaning and masking was done it was peeing with rain outside and juuuust beginning to get dark.

So we concluded discretion was the better part of valour and put it off ’til tomorrow. It just seems silly to start when we’re both at the wrong end of the day – knowing we’ll have to stop, clean everything up, then repeat it tomorrow. And that tomorrow we can’t go on to doing the walls because the floor won’t be dry anyhow.

Overcoming inertia is definitely one of the most challenging things right now. I mean, the weather is grey and wet, and also cold, which makes “doing things” like, say, oiling wood for trim, difficult even if I was feeling motivated. Because to get it warm enough to do that, I need to spend time getting the garage warmed up. Which is posssssible, but not easy.

But on top of that – in case anyone forgot – we’re still in a fucking pandemic. Which I now just find depressing and tiring. Work is intermittently horrendous. And people still won’t just fucking wear a mask. I mean, it’s such a small amount of effort to potentially save the lives of the people you (at least notionally) care about.

So… Just. Fucking. Do. It.


Also I’m working two jobs. And while one of them is super flexible about time in one regard, the other is the opposite, and just being busy and tired also makes finding enthusiasm for a job that I’m not able to do to a standard that I’m really overjoyed with? Well, it’s hard.

The studio is more or less watertight now, which is good. Still some important jobs to do, but it’s looking good. Hopefully we can get it finished fairly soon :)

So that’s news from the mines :)

* Annoyingly, they only do this in blue steel, not stainless steel. Bleh.


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