Today is one of those hard days

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I’m not sure why. I mean, I could point to a billion things. I could point to the UK government endeavoring to make being trans illegal and life impossible for my many friends over there. I could point to the awful nature of the current administration in the US which is attempting to cause harm to immigrants they have (almost certainly illegally) detained. I could point to the fact that the history of systemic racism and inequality in the US has driven people of colour and their supporters out onto the streets in mass demonstrations which put their lives at risk from CV19 (but their lives are at risk from existing in the US — and many western nations — at the moment anyway). I could wave my hands in the general direction of the awful police brutality and violence being meted out by white supremacist cops and their supporters.

I can look at the news and see that god-awful-weasel of a man that’s currently occupying the White House having peaceful protestors tear-gassed and assaulted so he can do his best Mussolini impression in front of a church.

And this comes on the background awful of climate change and biodiversity loss which I keep wondering if I’m doing anywhere enough for, and knowing I’m not.

All of it makes the jobs I need to do to finish the house feel terribly pointless. And all of the awful is, probably, why I’m feeling pretty crap today. But understanding that doesn’t really help.


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