Not great.

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Back in 2005, I wrote this.

It’s not alone. There are lots of entries around my dad’s illness and death where my emotional exhaustion reared up and stomped around. I sure as hell don’t want to lose my mother at this point, but find myself mentally wandering back to that time. Calling on my dad’s essence to help my mother. Every day I’m calling home to check up on her – I can’t go see her because even if I fly over to the UK I will, apparently, be in quarantine for 14 days. By which time the worst will be past, or it will be too late. Obviously, there’s also the significant likelihood of catching COVID in the long trapise through the airport, or the 14 hour flight.

So each day starts with Schrodinger’s phone call. How is she doing? How is the fever? What symptoms today?

All this was avoidable. The UK could have learned from Asia, we could have followed New Zealand. The UK could have closed early, quarantined thoroughly, and managed the illness.

But no, as with the orange moron, Boris went for letting it spread unchecked, making it endemic in society, fucking up to a spectacular degree. Now my mum’s husband has had it, my mum is currently dealing with a high fever and pain. We don’t yet know if it is COVID.

Tests in the UK still take 5 days.

5 days!

What the fuck is going on there? Korea manages 15 minutes.

The conservative party are going to be responsible for tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

Boris, personally, is responsible for tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

He should be in prison for such mismanagement of a national disaster. Government manslaughter. A lethal combination of a lack of science knowledge and a reckless disregard for the people he’s meant to represent.

I’m willing my mother to be okay.

Every fibre in my body wants her to be okay.


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