Learning Opportunities II

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When we put up the picture rail yesterday, we discovered that… the middle of our hourse is about an inch lower than the edge of the house. We knew there was a slope issue, particularly around the front door, but how bad it really was… well that keeps being incrementally revealed to us.

We know this now because the newly erected picture rail runs dead level, which means that the lights that sit below it are… well, at different heights. Because they were measured off the floor.

While they’re both approximately 7′ from the floor*, they differ in height from the picture rail by over an inch.

Which is a problem.

Kathryn has thought of a solution – since we’re replacing the backer on the lights anyhow, but it makes me glad that I didn’t get further with making the replacement backers for the lights and fixing them to the wall.

* Within about half an inch, which is about the tolerance on the flappy plastic light outlets we used. Irritatingly, they get pushed by the drywall as you’re putting the drywall up. So when you’re making the hole for them in the sheet of drywall that’s where they sit forever. But because they’re just held by two small clamps on a long strip of metal that big heavy chunk of drywall can make the metal bar and the clips flex somewhat.


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