Actual forward motion

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So the last couple of days have felt more positive, which is probably more a frame of mind thing than actual change in rate of progress. The mind is a funny thing. Anyhow, the sink is now replumbed with a new seal and some putty, and now only leaks very slightly. I could probably have achieved zero leakage if I was willing to spend endless hours on scraping the bottom surface of it, but it’s just a temporary sink and for the sake of leaving a bowl under it or not, I think I’m satisfied with the time/cost/benefit situation as it stands.

US sinks, incidentally use a piece of cardboard as a “slip washer”. Cardboard. In an area that might get wet.

I’ll just leave that there.

Still, the sink is working.


We also spent a few hours (quite a few hours) yesterday getting the extractor fan mounted on the wall. Irritatingly, our 3-year-ago guess as to where it would be is about an inch out. Which means that the chimney won’t quite fit the last few inches… On the other hand, it saves us cutting the stainless steel, which probably would have been a complete pig to do well, so maybe that’s for the best. We just need to come up with a neat way for it to be covered…

I also have spent quite a lot of time tidying the garage – well “putting things in drawers”. It’s not really proper tidying, but until the wood is out of the garage and I can sit and have a proper think about which tools should live where… it just needed to be organised enough that we could physically get in there and get things.

In other news, 50% of the house is surrounded by drain-rock.


And we have a new postbox, thanks to a spurt of stupidity energy, and the realisation that when I’m at work people could pinch our mail.

Oh, and in final news, I have an awesome new sticker on the car:


It’s courtesy of @distressed_egg


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