Adulting is quite…irritating.

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I hoped that today would be the day that I finished putting tiles on the wall. But it’s not turned out that way. I kind of suspected it wouldn’t when I got another chance to really thoroughly examine the early morning hours. For reasons that remain opaque to my waking brain, at 3am I’m suddenly accosted by the need to be awake and for no terribly apparent reason not be able to go back to sleep.

Now, I know this whole sleeping through the night in one solid run is an industrial revolution invention, and that humans naturally would probably waken in the early hours for playing games, sexy time, and other fun and frolics, but we’ve kind of drilled it out of ourselves. And knowing that, and having monitored my sleep patterns for years, I’m well aware that in the middle of the night I do sleep very lightly.

So when I do wake up and I’m not hyper-stressed, I’m not very surprised and I’m fairly used to just rolling over and going back to sleep.

But when I’m hyper stressed I’m aware that it’s the time I tend to wake up and have my mind mull ridiculous pointless things that I can’t do anything about at the time, nor can I resolve at 3am. But the last few times it’s not been like that. It has just been “oh, I’m awake” followed by 3-4 hours of not being able to sleep with no huge circular thoughts. I have no idea what’s going on with this. Usually I’m pretty clear on what’s stressing me, but apart from vague overarching this is taking a lot longer than anyone would have hoped or considered… but nothing… specific.

It’s odd.

At any rate, having barely slept (despite being physically exhausted), I popped the roofrack on Raven, got my hair cut, went to the bank, and then bought the 1/8″ (3mm) ply for the skylights. Then I went and tiled. I’m closer. It is reasonable to think that next time I’m at the house and tiling, I’ll get the last bit of wall done, and the final few (well, 9 or so) tiles in the alcove/shelf.


It’s going reasonably quickly, but the tricky bits (and we have made several tricky bits) are really freaking tricky. But it does seem to be coming together. I think we’re going to fiddle with the order of events, so we can get the toilet in and functioning (so I’ll grout a bit around the bath faucet and behind where the toilet’s going to go, then I can lay the tile around where the toilet’s going to go, then we can install the toilet).

We still haven’t heard about the colour matching for the floor and the en-suite bathroom wall/floor… which is going to soon become the main hold up. But… at the moment there’s more than enough to keep us entertained.


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