We have floor. Well, prefloor.

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Our floor is down. We’re exhausted. It’s been one long-arse weekend, which we started on Saturday with buying a small amount of self-leveling compound:

Actually, this isn’t all of it.

Unfortunately, despite promising they did have the primer, Bob’s website was wrong again and they did not. So we trekked to one of the other Bobs, where they did have some. And we got lots of primer.

And then we set to.

Approximately 5000 staples later (literally, about 5000 staples) we got the floor poured except for a section by the back door.


And then today I poured the final section.


I am, it must be said, spectacularly tired. Tired enough that the work-self-defense class I have to attend is seeming like quite a nice rest.

The other thing that happened this morning that’s quite exciting was this:


Yes, those are our kitchen cabinets. In our house.

How odd.

It is starting to approach the point where we’ll be able to move in. Unlike every previous renovation where we’ve kept the house more-or-less habitable for the process of renovation..and we’ve lived there (although, to be fair, our level for ‘habitable’ has been preeeeetty sketchy, sometimes). This time, the building was barely habitable when we got it, and we rapidly moved to completely uninhabitable.

And it’s stuck resolutely in that place. We still can’t install a toilet, not until the tiles are in on both the walls and the floor. Which would be easier with water in the house. Especially since the tiles we got for the floor have been stored (by the previous owner) outside, and need cleaning before laying. I am planning to wash them in the bath, but it would also be nice to have soap, water, hand washing facilities in the house…

Of course, it turns out that the drain that I ordered for the sink is marginally too short. Our vintage sink has a really, really deep overflow, and it turns out the standard height drains don’t fit. The original drain was completely shot, having been cut off badly by someone, and also having lost most of its stopper mechanism. So I removed that… but finding a replacement is proving to be a challenge (short of paying the $300 for the remanufactured original, which seems rather more than we can reasonably afford for a sink in our spare bathroom).

I think I’ve found a sink drain that’s maybe 2cm longer than normal, which would be long enough, but no-one seems to give that flipping measurement – because unless you’re trying to match a sink drain to a random vintage sink, why would you care? So I’ve resorted to counting threads in the pictures :-/

But anyhow, it leads to this odd thing where over the period of maybe a few weeks, we’ll probably move from completely uninhabitable with no hot water, heating, etc; to hey – we have plumbing and heating and an indoor toilet…and a kitchen and woot! We can move in!

Those few weeks are rapidly approaching; I got a call from the plumber today and we’re waiting to schedule the appointment – so that should mean heating and hot water. Once we have that and the kitchen in…

Of course, that does require the floor being finished, which means that we need to order it….


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