Sort of a weekend off

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So, we’re waiting to talk to…[drum roll please]…a possible plasterer. We got put in contact with a local person who works with lime plaster (and got a local source for a premixed product). We’re going to talk on the phone tomorrow (he’s in a low-signal area now). And then – assuming the price isn’t terrifying – we’ve got a planning visit set up.

Which left us with a slightly odd weekend where, while there is stuff to do, we really want to talk to the plasterer first. And the cedar on the outside isn’t really easily a 2 person job, since we’d both need the same drill bit.

So instead we popped around to our friend to meet her new chickens (and dubbed one with her new title) and also to admire her new chicken run (which is quite the chicken palace, and definitely a suitable home for a chicken-lady).

Then we headed over to the house to weed. So many brambles. So much morning glory. So many dandelions.

We have pulled a lot of weeds and strimmed to tidy up the grass and such. It’s looking fairly respectable – and we seem to be keeping things under control much better than last year. Kathryn spent a chunk of time lopping down the brambles that we continue to do battle with between us and our rearward neighbour. I also spent some time tackling the rainwater capture. It had become apparent the channel the pipe sat in wasn’t correctly sloped. I’d not really checked it, except by eye (which is tricky because our garden slopes), and I knew there was a little bit of a hump, but putting the level on it it became obvious that after about half-way, that hump had put it high enough that there was no way the water coming from the roof would make it.

I broke out the little gardening trowel and spent some time making it a more consistent and gradual slope. Unfortunately, the tank is sat marginally higher than would be ideal, but I think now rain water should flow into it. We’ll find out after the next rain…

In fence news…we’ve not had a quote yet. So, that’s not ideal.


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