There is one nice thing about drywall

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The transformation is quick:


There are now two complete walls in the office. They’re not perfect, but they’re up, and they look pretty cool.


Just two more walls, and then we can move onto the main bedroom.

Today, however, I took advantage of the sun and finally – after a year of it just sitting – got rid of the scrap metal. We still have some remnants of the carport in the form of the roof panels. I’m hoping we can salvage the best bits of them to be our shed roof.


Other than that, our garden is more gardeny. Although this bit will actually be garagey, if everything works out. I asked for a detailed quote from the mid-point quote (mid-point between “tuff-shed” and a proper garage builder).

This does mean we’ll have to get rid of the trusses, hopefully we can find them a home. If not, then I’ll have to break out the reciprocating saw and we can turn them into firewood.

In other news, I’ve been endeavouring to run on my days off. I’d stopped because it is f’kin freezing (often literally), and therefore icy. This morning it was looking just evilly cold, so I stuck on my leggings and a teeshirt and a a hoodie-zip-top thing, and did a short run*. This reminded me that my lungs don’t like the cold. There was some suggestion that it is asthma a while ago, but my peak flow remains unchanged, and an inhaler has no effect. So essentially I just attempt to cough my lungs out when I get sufficiently cold and work hard.

Which is what happened today.

I’m not sure how much of the persistent cough since this morning is the cold, and how much is the endless fibreglass dust that occupies our house. I mean, I wear a mask a lot of the time, but still.

Ah well.

Tomorrow it’s back to the drywall mines, as I’ll attempt to do some more bits and make our house look more housey :)

*All my runs are short.


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