That’s a lot of plasterboard

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So after discovering, yesterday, that BOB would not be doing threshold delivery on the drywall we steeled ourselves for an entertaining afternoon.

The day started somewhat stressfully as immediately I finished my yoga and exercises, and put on my clothes for clearing the house I got a phone call from the delivery driver asking if he could he come an hour early… to which the answer was clearly “no” as I had several important things to do before I could get there, but also, since I paid for delivery in a time slot, I’d really rather it was actually in that time slot.

Anyhow, I still sprinted over to the house after grabbing a premade sandwich and a snack, because I knew that despite the lack of threshold delivery, we still needed somewhere to put it and I knew that could take a while. Lots of cleaning up and clearing the space.

Anyhow, shortly after I arrived, so did the plasterboard:

Ah, an enormous heavy stack of plasterboard outside. Yay.

So the rest of the morning was spent clearing the entire lounge for the 46 sheets of plasterboard that had joined us and that were sat outside basking in the winter sun.

It’s really nice, actually, to see the space again. I forget how big our lounge/kitchen/dining area is.


I mean, it’s not actually big, because our house isn’t actually very big. But when you’re spending all your time carefully skirting around the stuff then it’s easy to forget that the room is actually a reasonable size.

Then I spent the remainder of the afternoon until Kathryn arrived attempting to shim our framing so our walls end up reasonably flat and so the drywall doesn’t crack completely.

Mmm, I’m sure the drywall won’t mind moving in 1/4 inch, then back out again.

The framing on our house is shoddy. We learned doing it, so ours is a bit variable, but frankly, it’s a damn sight better than the shite the original builders did. There’re plenty of spots that are more than 1/4″ out of true. And there are now an inordinate number of cardboard shims bonded to the wall to try and fix that.


Half the bloody house is made of cardboard now. To be fair, some of ours are pretty ropey, but often on ours it’s just one that’s not in line. On theirs it’s in-and-out like the hokey-bloody-cokey. The other thing that’s a significant pain in the bottom is that where our ceiling truss bolts go through, they also stick out a bit if they’re in a spot where the builders couldn’t get to very well.


So they need shimming too, so the drywall doesn’t just crack over it.


Still, it gave me something to do until Kathryn arrived. Then it was time to do this:


Which explains why it’s now time for bed.


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