Another bad decision

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I increasingly feel like every decision we’ve made regarding housing and property in the US is bad. Our land is a fucking disaster area that’s sucked up half our money and is like some albatross around our neck that we can’t sell. Thanks Thurston for that shit.

Our house is turning into a complete pigging nightmare. Our contractor actually seems like a good choice, at last, but he’s small fry in a pool of bigger fish, I suspect. Why? Because our possible truss delivery date has gone from the mid-end of November to January.

I’ve called an additional 7 truss companies (on top of the 3 local ones he called) – and as we move further away, the cost for shipping gets insane, but so far the only place that could actually get them to us quicker is in Texas and would add $4500 on for shipping.

But the problem of the trusses means that:
– Ideally we should be doing windows after trusses, which means trying to do windows in January.
– We miss the deadline for a bunch of rebates that expire in December, meaning we’re possibly losing an additional few thousand dollars because we won’t have heating, or electrics installed and working by the end of the year.
– We’re stuck paying mortgage on a house we can’t live in.

So this is all fucking depressing.


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